This is a 12″ 16″ oil on canvas done in 1977. The flowers are snap dragons and pansies or they may be petunias. It was painted quite awhile ago and I’ve forgotten. My garden is full of snap dragons because they reseed themselves so readily. They come in the loveliest of colours and have fragrant scent. I don’t know whether it is all that rain, but everything is blooming in abundance this year.


24 thoughts on “THE BOUQUET BY L. MARTEL

      • Hi Leslie, I’ve been busy researching the criminal activity at the so called Science of Spirituality. Spooky stuff, but also very helpful for others to know about who have been injured by the organization, and the loved ones left behind who are grieving after the murders of 2 women in the last 2 months. I’m putting out the information, and many people are coming forward with more information. It’s surprising to me that this poet would end up being an investigator who writes poems about the investigation.

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