Sorry no post today……

My brother is seriously ill and I was at the hospital all day.



The Tax Man Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz

I spent most of last week doing our taxes and of course this popped into my head.┬áThis video is called The Tax Man Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz. Taxes are an integral part of living in a civil society. To achieve compliance you need to have fairness. The ordinary citizen should be able to do their own taxes. Filing shouldn’t require you to buy a special program to do them, nor should you find them so complicated that you require a “Tax Preparer” or have to pay someone else to do them for you. By doing my taxes I learn what the government is up to. 4:21 min.

Le Deluge by swo8 Blues Jazz

The music in this video is called Le Deluge by swo8 Blues Jazz. With the kind of weather we’ve been having it brings to mind the story of the great flood. Even our Lake Ontario is a bit high at the moment. 4:32 min. There you go it worked this time.

Out of Africa by swo8 Blues Jazz from the Album Monkey of Sousse in iTunes

Africa is one big, amazing land mass full of history and mystery. When we were staying in Sousse, Tunisia, which is in the North of Africa, we had the pleasure of see that part of the continent. Tunisia is right on the Mediterranean coast sandwiched between Libya and Algeria. They have two official languages (just like Canada – French and English) but for them it’s Maghrebi Arabic and French. The men are tall, dark and handsome and the women are beautiful and full of grace. This is where the Arab Spring began, out of the frustration from the government corruption, creating a very hard life for the many. The video was taken by me while we were there. 2:30 min.