Crete by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Efharisto in iTunes

I was having some fun with this one. Can’t imagine jumping a bull but it was done in Crete and by women too. Just look at the fresco below. It would take a lot of Ouzo before I would give it a try. Please excuse my Greek, I was having some fun with that too. It is thought a volcanic eruption on Santorini wiped out the whole civilization of Knossos on the Island of Crete, hence the reference to the volcano. ¬†3:15 min.

The Potala Palace by L. Martel

This is a 11″ x 14″ oil on canvas I started awhile ago. The Potala Palace is in Lhasa Tibet and stands prominently on the mountain command your eyes to the heavens. I added some monks in their saffron robes. They are tiny so you’ll have to hunt for them.


Getting No Where Fast by swo8 Blues Jazz

Usually it’s traffic that makes getting from “a” to ‘b” difficult but today it’s something different. We are in the middle of an ice storm. Fortunately, we are warm and dry so we aren’t going anywhere. Travel advisory is not to go out unless absolutely necessary. So we are staying put. There will be a lot of traffic tomorrow at rush hour and there will be many casualties. So for a taste of the traffic and this represents many different parts of the world, here’s Getting No Where Fast¬†and I’m sure you can identify with this. 1:40 min.

Irish Cream by swo8 Blues Jazz

These are dark times for many. The days are growing shorter and the weather is not the best. Political ranker abounds and there seems to be so much discord around the world. So I invite you to the sunny shores of Ireland. It was May when we were there. The weather was sweet, the breezes gentle and the people friendly. 5:36 min.

The Dress Rehersal by L. Martel

This is a 20″ x 24″ oil on canvas titled The Dress Rehersal. The young girl is preparing her hair for the dress recital. Ballet is interest of both our daughters and me as well. We all studied ballet at a certain time in our lives. It is an interest that we share today.

SDC17334 2