Something from my garden….

No one promised me a rose garden so I planted one myself. They were all chosen for their scent because a rose should smell like a rose. The pink rose bush was a gift from my younger daughter and it is very prolific. I have had many a bouquet from it. The yellow one starts out a deep orange and turns into sunlight in colour. One of the nice thing about roses is they can bloom up until the snow falls, also roses make a perfect subject to paint….

Yoga Nidra Class : What to expect

Great news Mountain Energy Yoga, just what we all need.

Mountain Energy

I am soon going to be offering half hour yoga nidra zoom classes, for 10 dollars Canadian. If you have any suggestions for a day of the week or a time of day that would be convenient please leave a comment below.

I am going to recommend that you invest in some equipment, or you might be interested in cheaper alternatives which I will outline towards the end of this blog. The following items are links to Amazon. If you choose to make any purchases I will receive a small commission. Thank for your support! To practice yoga nidra it is recommended to have the following:

yoga mat

yoga blankets one folded to support head and one to stay warm

a bolster is nice under the knees for those who might have back pain

If you don’t have a yoga mat you can find another way to support your body…

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Omonoia Square by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Efharisto in iTunes

We spent a week in Rhodos and a week in Crete, then we headed by boat to mainland Greece. It was an over night trip and we arrived in Piraeus the port of Athens at 7:00 am. It’s a minuet walk from the docks to the subway but there were all sorts of taxis waiting to pick us up. Back packs in hand we walked to the subway and headed into the main area of Athens. It was raining and we didn’t have a place to stay. The first place we tried was full but the second one had room for us. Omonoia Square was a short walk from our hotel. This is a rather seedy area of Athens but central to everything.