Night Markets of Thailand by swo8 Blues Jazz photography by Don Charisma

This video is called Night Markets of Thailand by swo8 Blues Jazz and is a collaboration with the photographer, Don Charisma. All photographs in the video are the work of Don. Thailand, which is located on the Southeast Asia’s peninsula is know for its tropical beaches, ancient ruins and ornate temples. So hop on your imaginary plane and come with me to this magic land of wonder. 3:18min 2 MB

Slo Mo Tion by Consumer Perspective

Slo Mo Tion by Consumer Perspective is giving you the send off for the weekend and it’s in Slo Mo Tion – enjoy! The bunny is from my backyard – he got the strawberries.

Osaka Time

Osaka Time Album Cover

Osaka Time is ready for your enjoyment.
Japan is a land of Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines.
This clock can be found in Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka.