Early Father’s Day tribute – Another fantastic collaboration with the great American author and photographer Marilyn Armstrong and swo8 Blues Jazz

When I proposed this project to the great American author and photographer, Marilyn Armstrong she was in on it. It’s early for Father’s Day but this little song “Tribute to Clarence” by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Osaka Time in iTunes, was written for my father, Clarence. We always had an organ in our home and at one point we got a pipe organ. My father had to build a room to house all the pipes. When he played that organ the whole house rocked! It was amazing. My father had two loves in life his music and his dogs. Soon to be released.

Christmas Special

The eleventh song and the last song on the Christmas album is called Simeon’s Song. This is a direct quote from St. Luke 2:25. This story isn’t told often but it is still a real part of Christmas. Simeon was a holy man, just and devote and longed to see the Messiah. The Lord God promised him that he would not die until he had. This song is special for me because it is a shared event with my younger son David (Dio). His rich, deep voice recites the Scriptures and reveals the story behind it.

The album will be released today. It takes a couple of business days before it will be available on the market. As soon as it is I will post a link to it. I hope you enjoy the music and stories. It might make a nice Christmas gift for someone.

Liebster Award


mskitk Nov 5, 9:25 am
Hello! I have nominated you for Liebster Award 🙂


I thanked mskitk for the award and the link is above.

11 random facts

1. I’m Canadian 2. I hate winter 3. I’m a listener 4.I’m into music 5. I’m a classically trained musician 6. I play several instruments 7. Love poetry 8. Love to travel 9. Love roses 10. Love to garden 11. I’m interested in other languages

Answer to the questions:

1. Describe self in 3 words – busy very busy

2. Favourite book or show or recording  – Miles David in Deep Blue

3. I don’t blog every day because of number one (busy very busy)

4. Favourite beverage – pure cold water ( a little red wine)

5. Favourite quote – “He who does nothing never makes a mistake” ( I make a lot of mistakes because of number 1)

6. Do I have a spiritual teacher – yes

7. Have I had a paranormal experience – yes

8. I’m a dog person but prefer children

9. Who do I want to be? Me just me.

10. Dream profession – I would have liked to have become a medical researcher scientist.

11. What superpower would I like? I’d like to be able to able to fly. (sick of traffic)

Now comes the hard part to chose 11 other bloggers for the award

1. http://retireediary.wordpress.com because of his lovely pictures of the world

2. http://alwaystravelicious.com  because of the lovely pictures of food and travel

3. http://lexsolo.wordpress.com because of the relentless courage this person has shown

4. http://glitteringwanderlust.wordpress.com because of the lovely pictures show of her travels

5. http://puritywaves.wordpress.com because of her poetry and pictures of one of my favourite places Paris

6. http://gardenwalkgardentalk.com because of the lovely photos of their travels

7. http://marisacossu.wordpress.com for her lovely poetry in Italian

8. http://idiotwriting.wordpress.com for her poetic soul ( and sense of humour)

9. http://dailymusing57.wordpress.com for the lovely photos

10. http://emeraldwake.wordpress.com for the fantastic photos

11. http://broadsideblog.wordpress.com


Christmas Special

The ninth song on the Christmas Special Album is Oremus Blues. This is a repeat from another album (Manaus Where Two Rivers Meet) but totally appropriate for Christmas. There is a Gregorian background and spoken word is used for the  Angelus, The Pater Noster, The Hail Mary, and the Gloria Patri  in Latin.

The tenth song is Moment of Peace also from another album (Sahara Rose). I do a bit with flute here. This is one song that gets a lot of streaming.

Christmas Special

The Seventh song on the Christmas Special is called Os Dias Sao Curtos. This is Portuguese for the days are short. This song has more of a Christmas ring to it. The lyrics are simple  – It’s Christmas time again, Christmas time means time with you. The days are short and the nights are long. This is all in my feeble Portuguese.

The eighth song is Dance With Me Slow and as the lyrics imply you can slow dance to this.

Christmas Special

The fifth song on the Christmas Special album is “This and That Blues”. The song is mellow but there is a vocal that deals with the commercialism of Christmas.

Song number six is “Hot Toddy and You”. It is kind of wonky but laid-back. Goes well by either fireside or beach. (I prefer the beach)

Christmas Special

The third piece of music on the Christmas album is “Ah at Santa’s Village”. This is some real jazz with a play between the guitar and piano. Then there’s the “Ah” factor. (I really like it)

The fourth piece of music is called “Holy Night in Blue”. To Christians this is a “Holy Night” indeed and this is another jazz filled piece. There’s the synth, guitar and then the horns come in. Just love it. I have to get up and dance to this.

Christmas Special

The first song in the Christmas Special album is called “How Long Can I Wait For You”. There is a chorus, but it’s mostly instrumental. Of course the event waited for is Christmas or it could be something or someone else. The second song is “Christmas For You”. It is mellow and something to listen to by the fireside, mostly instrumental with a chorus.

Monthly report for August

Once again I want to thank our loyal fans for their continued support. This month we only covered 12 different countries compared to the 28 countries that listened to us last month. However, not all the companies reported. There was nothing from Deezer who tends to be sporadic in their reporting. Last month Spain and France (then Argentina and the Netherlands) showed the greatest interest in our music.
This month it was the USA, Great Britain and the Netherlands. The piece of music that was listened to the most was Midnight in Manaus from the album Manaus Where Two Rivers Meet. I’m not surprised because it is one of my favourites too.