Oremus Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz

This video is an invitation to prayer and is called Oremus Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz. It is Good Friday, one of the holiest days in Christendom. So I pray for you all. You are in my prayers.  3:16 min.


Espionage Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz

I hear that Julian Assange was arrested in London. The WikiLeaks founder was arrested on Thursday and will face a charge in the United States of conspiring to hack into a Pentagon computer network in 2010. To avoid capture he spent the last a seven-years holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in Britain. Mr. Assange’s arrest brought to a head long-simmering tensions that have raised profound First Amendment press freedom issues. The indictment unsealed Thursday, however, revealed that prosecutors in Northern Virginia had not charged Mr. Assange under the Espionage Act for publishing government secrets. Instead, they charged him with conspiring to commit unlawful computer intrusion based on his alleged agreement to try to help Ms. Manning break an encoded portion of passcode that would have permitted her to log on to a classified military network under another user’s identity. Traditional journalistic activity does not extend to helping a source break a code to gain illicit access to a classified network, the charge appeared to be an attempt by prosecutors to sidestep the potential First Amendment minefield of treating the act of publishing information as a crime. Nevertheless, journalists should still be worried, said Barry Pollack, a lawyer for Mr. Assange. “While the indictment against Julian Assange disclosed today charges a conspiracy to commit computer crimes, the factual allegations against Mr. Assange boil down to encouraging a source to provide him information and taking efforts to protect the identity of that source,” Mr. Pollack said. “Journalists around the world should be deeply troubled by these unprecedented criminal charges.” Meanwhile, Edward Snowden, the other American whistle-blower, collected top-secret documents regarding NSA domestic surveillance practices that he found disturbing and leaked them. He’s been languishing in Russia for the last 6 years. This turned the tables and let us know that we are being listened to as well. Whether you consider these men heroes or traitors at least least we are listening to each other….chuckle…


Two Lips by L. Martel

This is a a 5″ x 7″ oil on canvas board. It isn’t finished yet but not far off. It needs some high lights. The theme is Spring and it may be a bit early for the tulips but I do have some crocuses out.SDC18351

Dreamlike Quality

Thank you Mountain Energy Yoga, we do live with a lot of illusions.

Mountain Energy Yoga

Recently I found myself lost in the desire to be chosen. It was something that could be considered a once in a lifetime experience. I knew that there was little I could do to influence a decision that would be made outside myself. The decision would be made by others as to whether they wanted me as a participant. The only control that I had was if I allowed it to agitate me, and whether I became consumed by my desire. I found a way to calm myself, to see that in reality what I thought I wanted was just an illusion. That in real life whether I was chosen or not chosen, one was not better or worse than the other. I recalled my research into Dream Yoga, the Tibetan Buddhist practice.

According to this practice our dreams have just as much importance for our spiritual growth and enlightenment…

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I Am the Blues

I’ve been following Eden in Babylon for a while now and I would like to introduce you to this talented man, Andy Pope. This is his song I Am the Blues. 2:05 min.

Eden in Babylon

I received this unexpected video gift in my inbox yesterday.   A guy named Paul Anders is playing the cajon while I’m doing a song I wrote called I Am the Blues on a Yamaha electronic piano.  The beginning was chopped off, but I’m posting it anyway, since it’s the first thing I’ve posted musically other than solo piano since having miraculously been resurrected from the Grave of Homelessness after twelve years of turning over in it.  

You can click on the song title above for the complete lyrics.  By the way, this is from last Friday’s Open Mike at the One World Cafe, and the person who videoed it was Brandy Sullivan, the co-owner of that venue.   

I’ll post another solo piano piece, as usual, on Friday.   In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this “snippet.”  🙂

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A little bit goes a…

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Here we go another week and there is a little more definition in the painting. It takes time to move it along because it has to dry between sessions and there is so much detail to work out.  I’ll include some of the earlier posts of it to compare.


Robin’s Egg Blue by swo8 Blues Jazz lyrics by Harris Tobias and my new red shoes….. ;-)

I wrote a song about my new red shoes a long time ago. Can’t seem to find it now. So I’ll settle for the song Robin’s Egg Blue with a special thanks to Harris Tobias for his lovely lyrics. I feel like a little kid because I got a new pair of shoes today and that doesn’t happen often. I’ve been wearing them all afternoon and have been taking pictures of them. They’re really quite comfortable too.

I also like the shoes that the woman in Robin’s Egg Blue is wearing. Sure wouldn’t want to be walking in the rain with them. 4:32 min.