Sold Out by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Osaka Time in iTunes.

There is a great unrest amongst the people. This is what happens when we’ve been squeezed to such an extent. Most of the pictures in this video are from the meeting of the North American  Free Trade Agreement that happened in Quebec City 2001. The number of protestors was understated. There was well over a hundred thousand activists present. Innocent, peaceful protestors were tear gassed (us). The agreement had more to do with the undermining of local democracies with the Chapter 11 issue. One used to be able to access information about this on the Official Canadian Government web site but now it seems to be taken over by Heinonline. One title from this web page is “NAFTA CHAPTER 11 A STEP FORWARD IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW OR A STEP BACKWARD FOR DEMOCRACY” . In the Chapter 11 process, proceedings take place before a NAFTA sanctioned tribunal instead of our national court system. These disputes are highly secretive and give large corporations the power that inhibits local governments from making decisions that are in the best interest of their citizens. Fines can be huge and they are paid with our tax dollars. So by and large we’ve been “Sold Out”. 2:50 mins. 2MB

Night Markets of Thailand by swo8 Blues Jazz and Photography by Don Charisma music found in the album Unfinished Business in iTunes

Night Markets of Thailand is a collaboration of music from swo8 Blues Jazz and photography by Don Charisma. This was a challenge presented to us by Don and I’m so glad he did. We are having a bit of a heat wave here 35’C (88’F) and with humidity it is more like 43’C or (100’F). So I can just imagine that the night time would be the time to wander through the food markets and restaurants. 3:18 min. 2 MB


The Doors of Uruguay – Door # 1

Uruguay is a lovely country. The architecture is very European in character and the language is Spanish. One of our memories is of the horse drawn cart that picks up the unwanted, used items from the side of the road. There would be a “clip clop” and the wheels of the cart. Just walking the streets we noticed the beauty of the doors. So I capture these doors with photos and started to create some paintings. This is an 8″ x 10″ painted in 2007, oil on canvas and is called Door # 1.

SDC17374 (1)

The Tree of Life by E.V.B.

This is the third and last in the tapestry series. It is called the Tree of Life and measures 34″ x 42″. Instead of the needle point canvas it is more of embroidery on linen done in 1935 by my grandmother – E.V.B. It was a different time and place but they had their problems too in those days.


The Rose of Black is Sacred by swo8 Blues Jazz lyrics by Shelby Cortland

The Rose of Black is Sacred was inspired by the great American poet and lyricist, Shelby Cortland. It is a cry from the soul for the people who have lost their lives by racially focused police. Today we are called to remember the lives of Alton Sterling, who lost his life at the hands of the Baton Rouge Police and Philando Castile whose life was taken by the Minnesota Police. Please feel free to share.  4:18 min. 2 MB

La dame a l’orgue by M.S. & L. Martel

This is the second of a series of tapestries presented by request of the lovely Cindy Knoke of This is 32″ x 44″ and is called La dame a l’orgue. It is unfinished and I bought it in France for my mother hoping that it would extend her life. It is a life time project. She did a small portion on the right hand side. I have added only a small part to it. The completed part is better defined compared to the unfinished part. Organs figure largely in our family as does music.