Autumn Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Unfinished Business in iTunes

This video is called Autumn Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz with the dulcet vocals of Big Dio. There is a mellowness to this time of year when most things are coming to an end. Take time for your loved ones. 3:22 min.


Art imitates life…….

It’s been a good year for roses here in south, central Canada. Each rose bush was chosen for its hardiness and it has a strong, fragrant scent. No wonder flowers are often chosen as a subject in art. The drawings at the bottom are done with poster paint on a sketch pad. The last drawing on the right was merely clearing the pallet with a pallet knife. Although lacking in detail,  put a frame around it and you might be surprised how good it looks


I lead this week with the thoughts and writings of this beautiful soul, my younger daughter.

Mountain Energy Yoga

Samkhya is one of the six orthodox schools of Hinduism; it is the school that is most closely related to Yoga, which is also one of the six. According to Samkhya, there are three ways to come to pramana, proof, or knowledge that will take you out of suffering. The three ways are pratyaksa or perception, anumana or inference, and sabda, which is the word and testimony of a reliable source.

Pratyaksa relates to the senses and also sensation. My body feels less pain, achiness and tension when I do asanas, the physical postures of yoga. Adho mukha svanasana (downward dog) is an asana where I can relieve tension in different areas of my body. What I notice is there is a stretch that happens in my heels and calves and some loosening in my shoulders and neck.

12BC1FD0-B346-4692-B664-56DB5C19DD78 Photo by Ches Oakley

Anumana is logical reasoning; it sometimes takes more…

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Da Pino Piano Man by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album In Concert in iTunes

We were in Moscow a couple of years ago about this time of year. The weather was horrible, it rained and was very cold for September. I was told, that was unusual. We rented an apartment because hotels are very expensive. We ate a few meals out but mostly did the cooking in our apartment. The apartment was on Tverskaya Ulitsa near Pushkin Square, just a healthy walk away from Red Square. One restaurant we did frequent was a little Italian place called Da Pino Restaurant. There was a piano man there and this is what this song is about. 1:21 min.

Breathing: Consciously and Unconsciously

Breathing is so important to our being, good advice from Mountain Energy Yoga.

Mountain Energy Yoga

When I became more interested in practicing yoga, I started focusing on my breathing too much. I had noticed that my breathing was quite shallow, so I would start controlling my breathing whenever I remembered to. I would start breathing more fully and deeply. But this was not necessary. And it only provoked stress. I later learned from reading Yoga Nidra for Relaxation and Stress Relief by Julie Lusk that there are two types of breathing. These two types are both great. The two types are conscious breathing and unconscious breathing. Unconscious breathing is when we breath as we normally do without thinking about it. It is taken care of for us the autonomic nervous system. Conscious breathing happens when you focus on your breathing and alter it.

Image Title: 1. Pooruck Pranaiyam [Puraka pranayama]. 2. Kumbuck [Kumbhaka]. 3. Raichuck [Recaka] Creator: Day & Son — Lithographer – Public Domain…

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The Rose of Black is Sacred music by swo8 Blues Jazz Lyrics by Shelby Courtland

A Dallas man was killed late Thursday, September 6th, when a police officer returning home from her shift entered the wrong apartment in her building and eventually opened fire, authorities said. Details surrounding the death of Botham Shem Jean, a 26-year-old native of St. Lucia.

Dallas police in a statement said that preliminary information suggests the officer involved called for help, and told responding officers that “she entered the victim’s apartment believing that it was her own.”

Summer’s Bounty by L. Martel



This is pencil on sketch pad that I did last Friday. The basket is full of tomatoes cucumbers and zucchini. I’ll add a little colour later this week.

It’s been a fantastic year for tomatoes. I’ve been making preserves and have more than enough for the winter. Our zucchini have grown enormous and there’s been abundance of cucumbers. We are suppling our extended family and neighbours with vegetables.

The roses have also done well this year – have a look.