Memoirs of a Hayseed Physicist by Peter Martel

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Part 203:

In my early days at Chalk River, Roger was my inspiration and mentor, even though at a tender age of 20 he was some 10 years my junior. He was also indirectly responsible for my learning downhill skiing. This happened since he was considered an indispensable staff member, because he produced up to fifteen papers a year in a field where two papers was considered quite adequate. The hierarchy was so scared of losing him that he was granted the privilege of taking every Wednesday off in winter to go to a ski hill some 90 kilometres away. He also had the privilege of inviting staff to accompany him.

Tribute to Clarence¬†(happy Father’s day)

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday so wishing all the fathers out there a wonderful day. I’ve got this “gig” that keeps me busy 24/7 so I haven’t time to either paint or compose music, hence very few posts. But Father’s Day can’t be missed. Once again this was a collaboration with the wonderful American photographer, writer and artist, Marilyn Armstrong.

Mother’s Waltz by swo8 Blues Jazz

Feeling a little better today. Spent some time working in the garden. Decided to post this for Mother’s Day. Wishing all the mothers out there a joyful moment. Thanks again to the wonderful writer, photographer and now, artist, Marilyn Armstrong for this delightful collaboration.

The Senator’s Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz

I don’t know whether you’ve heard about our Trucker’s Protest but we’re having a few problems in the land of the “not so free”. Our Prime Minister froze the bank accounts of anyone who contributed money to the protest. This is a sweeping, unprecedented move with some unintended consequences. Some people weren’t able to pay their mortgages and other bills, but what was even worse – there was a run on the banks because a lot of people were afraid of being targeted by a rather vindictive government that would use such force on anyone not buying into the party line. I have to give some of our Senators credit because they never would have passed this resolution by Trudeau. Thank you, although there are some bad apples among you, now I know there are still some good people out there.

Essence of Life by L. Martel

This is a 5″ x 7″ oil on canvas board painted in 2020. We take so much for granted but where would we be without water? It is truly the essence of life. This is for sale unframed for $100.00 U.S. This includes postage to anywhere in the world. Contact me by email if you are interested.