Chromatic Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Black Ta

The chromatic scale is made of half tones so the song The Chromatic Blues is like a stairway going up and down the scale in half tones. 3:19 min.

On Point by L. Martel

This is a 20″ x 24″ oil on canvas painted while we were living in Paris. The style is more free flowing. I find when I am living in a different country my painting as well as my cooking changes. It’s as if the influences of your surroundings impacts one in many ways.


Never More by swo8 Blues Jazz lyrics by Rajiv Chopra

November 11th is upon us once again. There are certain things worth fighting for but a lot of wars are the result of lesser intentions and this song addresses that. I salute our veterans because they are not the ones who started the wars and yet they go in, often at the expense of their lives. Listen carefully to the moving lyrics of Rajiv Chopra. 3:22min

Fantasie en Marrakesh by L. Martel

This is 11″ x 14″ oil on canvas that I started last week. Working in oils one has to have several projects on the go all the time. The picture is a memory of an evening in Morocco. I will include a video of pretty much what we saw. There was a wonderful dinner in a tent with dancers in their tradition costumes. After the meal we went out to an open area where we sat as the horsemen preformed their horsemanship. One lone fellow came out on of the dark and this is what I saw that night.





What if Pain is Your Security Blanket? — Mountain Energy

Sometimes in our practice we get stuck at the detachment part. Instead of really being present with our pain we may instead dismiss it, then we mistake our dismissal as detachment. If there’s anything that persists, like physical pain, you must consider the possibility that you are resisting being fully present with that pain. You […]

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