Monkey of Sousse by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Monkey of Sousse in iTunes

Sousse, is a town located on the Mediterranean coast in Tunisia. Those who have never been there, would find that it is very European in flavour. They speak Arabic and French as a second language. The people are friendly, kind and hopeful that there will be a peaceful change in their future. it is also a treasure trove of historical significance. It is the location of Carthage and many ruins remain. All photos are from my camera. 2:32 min 2MB


169 Faubourg St. Antoine by L. Martel

This is an 8″ x 11 ” water colour on a sketch pad done September 7 1988. 169 Faubourg St. Antoine was our address in the 11th Arrondissement near the Bastille. It is the living room in  our apartment in Paris.

Our older daughter had taken  a year to go to the Sorbonne and she worked as an au pair  for a French family. My husband manage to get a sabbatical to do research at the Nuclear Research Centre in Saclay. He ‘s very protective of his daughters.

I don’t have much experience with water colours. I dashed this off rather fast and tucked it away only to discover it years later. If only it were a Caravaggio, Gert?