Winter View Mother and Daughter

Everyone has their own take on landscapes with snow. My mother saw it one way and I saw it slightly differently. The first view is a 12″x 9″ oil on canvas board unsigned and undated but I know it is my mother’s work, M.E. Snelgrove. I titled it First Snow because sometimes late in the fall, when some of the leaves are still in full colour and have yet to fall, the first snow comes. The river has yet to freeze and the colours of the leaves are reflected in it. In northern Ontario, Canada, where I spent many years the snow would come in November and not leave until April. The winters were long and very cold. People were forced to shovel their roofs to keep them from collapsing.SDC17872

Below is a 16″ x 12″ oil on canvas board painted in 1976 by me, L. Martel. There is a great French Canadian musician who wrote the song “Mon Pay” (“My Country” in French). His lyrics stuck in my mind when I painted this picture. “Mon pays, ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver” (My country isn’t a country it is the winter). In Canada our winters can be long, cold and hard to endure. But in that cold our resolve is tempered like steel is with heat.



Winter Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz & Marilyn Armstrong

It is a bit early this year to post this fun collaboration. The great American author and photographer, Marilyn Armstrong, provided the photos for the video. We were suppose to have a fierce winter storm this weekend. All we got was a few inches of powder snow, but boy, was it cold. It was -20’C which I think is close to 0′ F. Even that isn’t so bad because I can remember having weeks of -40′ C/F when we lived up north. That’s where the C and the F are the same. No doubt about it there have been some awful winter storms in our day. But this is mid to late January. Up to now we could see the grass and it was quite green. Perhaps this is it for winter. I can only hope. 3:19min.

Etienne Charles Associate Professor of Jazz Trumpet at Michigan State University

In this video Etienne Charles describes his philosophy of the democracy of music. It isn’t about the individual, it is about the group and each person contributes to the music.  If you have ever been in a band you will know what that means. You can know your part for your instrument and that is important, but when you put it all together the whole is grater than the sum of the parts. 4:26 min.


Etienne’s Trumpet by L. Martel

This is a 20″x 24″ oil on canvas titled Etienne’s Trumpet, which is now completed in 2019. It is framed, signed and dated. It will go on display at the QEPCCC  in Oakville, Ontario on the January 21st. ( I have no idea what the QEPCCC means) I have since looked it up and it means Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre.



The Blessing by L. Martel

This is a 12″ x 16″ oil on canvas completed in 2019. Last week I posted The Despairing Child this week I hope my efforts reveal the hope that a child benefits from a loving mother. I call it The Blessing, it is a laying on of hands that restores the soul.



Dream Yoga

Thank you Mountain Energy Yoga, may all our good dreams come true.

Mountain Energy Yoga

Dream yoga comes out of Tibetan Buddhism, in which it is thought that we are most asleep in our ordinary life, and most awake during the night, or when sleeping. When we don’t exercise it, the mind can keep us asleep and in a state of suffering; keeping us oblivious to the connection, and peace that is found in awakening to the present moment. Yoga means to unite or yoke, and that is where we stop masking over things with labels, labels like good, bad, like and dislike. With dream yoga you can learn how to wake up in your ordinary life to how illusory the world we live in really is.

Stretching your mind is how it becomes more flexible. It can help you to transform emotions and thoughts that stifle you, freeing you to experience your true potential. With dream yoga you will be learning how to become…

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The Despairing Child by L. Martel

This is a 20″ x 24″ oil on canvas painted in 1980. It was inspired by a picture I saw in the newspaper. I was going to post a more recent work called The Blessing but my camera died on me. So I’ll do that next week. Despair is crushing  but to see it in a child is devastating.agis iphone pics june 24, 2015 095