For Jim of

No paintings today. I’ve been busy in the garden and Jim of asked me to post some pictures of our vegetable garden. The lettuce is all self seeded. I just moved them to another area. The corn is behind a big cage because otherwise the racoons always beat me to the corn. The rest of the garden has chicken wire around it because the rabbits seem to love the other stuff. The terraced area has potatoes, tomatoes, basil, leeks, parsley and sage.

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    • You should have seen the dandelions and weeds that had grown there before I planted. I was so pooped after weeding and planting I could hardly move. The photos of your garden look lovely.

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    • It does take time Su, as you know. Any extra vegetables can be preserved for later in the year. I always have extra tomatoes and many other vegetables. If I don’t give them away I preserve them.

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      • It’s very simple Su. There are two methods that I have used. You peel and chop the tomatoes and season with salt and fresh basil. Boil them for 20 min. Then put them in sterile jars while they are still hot. Place the lid on top and turn the lid to gently tight. As they cool to room temperature you will hear the lid pop as they develop a seal. Then you tighten the lids up. The second one is similar but you put the tomatoes in the jars with lids on, cover with water and boil for about 20 min. Both worked well for me.

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