Satire at it BEST by Tom and Ellin Curley

OM posed the question of why do you follow certain blogs? Well this is one good reason – I discovered VoiceScapes Audio Theatre by contributing authors of Serendipity, Tom and Ellin Curley. Most of us have had our problems with the phone company so you’ll be able to identify with this short play called Till Death Do Us Not Part which is satire at its best. Check it out, here’s the link http://www.voicescapesaudiotheater.comVoiceScapes Audio Theater - Tom & Ellin Curley

VoiceScapes is a NYC-based group of audio actors, directors, sound engineers, writers and producers who work together to produce original audio theater to amuse and delight you.


18 thoughts on “Satire at it BEST by Tom and Ellin Curley

  1. Thank you Leslie for telling people about us! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. It’s so hard to get your material out there. There are several other comedies you should listen to if you liked the Cable Company piece. They’re all different but funny and thought provoking. Or so I’m told. You’ve become a real friend. Thanks again!

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  3. Bonsoir ou bonjour SWO8

    Une belle amitié
    C’est deux mains sur un clavier
    Le passage sur un profil

    Une image que l’on dépose

    Sur une personne que l’on apprécie
    De quelqu’un gentil et sage
    On dépose des petits mots bien placés
    Dans ce joli petit monde
    Moi je suis toujours là pour faire sourire
    Et cela me fait toujours plaisir
    Au fond de mon coeur
    Je t’offre ce bonheur
    Je te dis bonne nuit ou bonjour

    gros bisous


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