Fountain at the Old Summer Palace by L. Martel

With only passports, carryon and a return ticket to Beijing we set off without plans for a month in China. The first night’s stay was to be in a hutong in Beijing. Hutongs are the narrow alleyways that crisscross east-west across the city and are full of humble abodes where many still live. These passageways were originally  built in the Mongol Yuan dynasty, after Genghis Kan’s army reduced the city to rubble. During the Qing dynasty there were some 2000 hutongs and by the 1950’s there were over 6000.                              There is a real sense of community in these places. The alleyways are too narrow for cars so people must walk to their destination. In the evening many sit out on stools to visit with their neighbours. Sadly, these places are disappearing as these hutongs are being torn down and people are moving to modern high rises.                                                                                                   The old Summer Palace is located north-west of the city centre. Here, lost in the beauty of acres of gardens, walkways, fountains, Shrines and Temples you will find the Eternal Spring Garden, the Garden of Yellow Flowers, the Perfection and Brightness Garden and the 10,000 Spring Garden. It is at one of the fountains that I spied a young Chinese  couple gazing at the fountain and perhaps making a wish for their future.



33 thoughts on “Fountain at the Old Summer Palace by L. Martel

    • We were walking through one of the parks in Beijing and there was a young man with his son, a toddler. When he saw Peter and me he asked me to hold his son so he could take a picture of us. There are little interactions that one cherishes.

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  1. We love the painting. What a talent you’ve got. Thanks for joining the Gastradamus community. Would really like your feedback on a few of my short stories. The empty voter..
    Ms Scarlet… And the ever so famous Blue Jasmine…

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    • Thank you for your comments Gastradamus. You can send me your short stories to my email ( and I would be delighted to read them.


  2. Bonjour SWO 8 en ce dimanche 11 décembre

    La froide saison
    c’est la douce chaleur du foyer,
    c’est la famille retrouvée
    et la bonne humeur.
    Puisse ce Noël à venir se prolonger
    durant toute l’année

    Belle nouvelle et heureuse année 2017

    Quelle te soit de santé et de bonheur

    Gros bisous et encore joyeux Noël et meilleur

    On se réchauffe en toute amitié

    A bientôt

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