Ma Fille Cadette by L. Martel

This is a 20″x 24″ oil on canvas painted quite some time ago. (Neither dated nor signed to my chagrin) I remember hearing once that your children are not your children but little people, who for a moment, spend time with you until they disappear into adulthood. At this moment, my thoughts are with this lovely young girl who developed into a most wonderful woman.



46 thoughts on “Ma Fille Cadette by L. Martel

  1. its amazing because we can barely believe it too! a few days ago i found a little dress i might have worn when i was four! its so small i couldn’t believe i ever wore it, and i told my mom honestly mom have i ever been this small and he smiled and said even smaller than that and i wonder what its like to watch the whole process! beautiful little girl painting!

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    • Thank you for your comments. It is like watching a miracle in progress. Yes, you were so small and vulnerable and it drew from us a great, protective love and tenderness.

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      • Yeah.. I did not do that initially.

        When I started this blog, I started writing about management, something I have done all my life. I was preparing for a new career as a management consultant. But then, as I stayed longer and longer out of the world of management, the more it bored me, and that is when i decided to focus on a second innings as a writer and photographer. This is going to be very tough, and it may take some time before I make money, so I do some consulting on the side.

        I have done something I never thought I would do in my life – I recently signed up as an Amway Distributor to, hopefully, eventually give me some time back.

        Now, my focus is writing, photography, and digital doodling. I don’t dare call it digital art!

        Anyway, so now my blog reflects this.

        What I found was, that if I don’t schedule my posts, I don’t plan either the posts or my time.. It takes away some spontaneity, but we can’t have it all

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      • that is true.
        I have books in which I jot my ‘research’, and books in which I jot down quotes that I like.

        There are some essays that I do in fountain pen. I am one of the few, I think, who still use fountain pen

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