Mother’s Day is May 10th

Mother’s Day is May10th and the great American author and photographer, Marilyn Armstrong and I have worked on another collaboration. To commemorate this day, we have put a collage of our families together. There are some 8 generations of my family and several generations of Marilyn’s and her husband, Garry’s, family.

The song is bitter sweet because to be a mother, is bitter sweet. Our children bring us our greatest joys and our greatest sorrows. The first couple in the video is of my great-grandparents. My great-grandmother died in child birth leaving 3 babies and a husband. When my great-grandfather remarried the children were sent off to their aunt to be raised. The aunt is the lady sitting by the fire place. The first photo of children is of my grandmother and her twin sisters. My grandmother being the oldest would have missed her mother the most. Inspite of her early losses she became an extraordinary person and had a huge influence on me and my thinking.

To be a mother has got to be one of the most difficult endeavours to under take in ones life. We are given this helpless creature for a short period of time to nourish, educate and inspire before they disappear into the ether of adulthood. As a tribute to mother’s everywhere we dedicate this song, “Mother’s Waltz” by swo8 Blues Jazz and Marilyn Armstrong and we will release it tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day is May 10th

  1. That’s interesting. I only have a record of my family for five generations in my father’s side and fourth generations in my mother’s side.

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