The Senator’s Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz

No political system is perfect. Unseemly behaviour in government is as old as time itself. The Roman Senator, Cicero, in 42 BC stated  “a nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious….but it can’t survive the treason from within….they move freely among us…..and are heard in the very halls of government…..they infect the body politic….a murderer is less to be feared.”  With this little ditty I leave you to think about what is going on in your country.

26 thoughts on “The Senator’s Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz

    • Hi petrel41, that is so kind of you to nominate me for this award. In fact I think you are deserving of it because your blog is really neat. However, I’m afraid that I can not accept it because I just can’t.


  1. A politician caught up in a scandal here said quite openly in a TV interview when asked about the way he was able to influence other politicians to vote his way, “Well, people want to know what’s in it for them, don’t they?” It seemed just basic commonsense to him. Why would you go into politics if there’s nothing in it for you?
    And I’m not so sure as Cicero that a nation can survive its fools. We have fools in government here in Australia who are inflicting serous long-term damage on our environment , our economy and our standing in the world that will take a very long time to undo.

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    • I think that the fools are undermining us too. What ever happen to community service? (It has turned into self service) Most of these people never had it so good! The most offensive part was a cheque written in the Prime Minister’s office for some $90,000. as a bribe.
      They say there is nothing we can do with our Senate but there are four things they could do that would make a big difference – remove the title “Honourable”. These people are far from honourable. Make the Senate elected and set a term of four years and no more than two terms. Remove all pensions. They should have made their way in the world sufficiently that they aren’t dependant upon a government pension.


    • I just heard a program on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) called The Current and hosted by Anna Maria Tremonte. If you Google it you should be able to listen to it. It made a lot of sense to me, it was called Blueprint for Revolution by designArchitect’s blueprint for a revolution uses humour against tyranny He was in his twenties when he organized protests that would oust Serbian dictator Slobodan Milošević. Now he advises others in non-violent uprisings. Srdja Popovic uses everything from laughtivism to civil disobedience to galvanize those trying to overthrow the world’s toughest dictators. It also works on Corprotocracies.


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