19 thoughts on “Video From Manaus Brazil

  1. LOL, thought you said it didn’t have any music … I really like it Leslie … I’m more of a blues boy than a jazz boy … it’s very soft on the ears, relaxing while there’s something that’s engaging too …

    Good slide show, how did you do it ?




      • Not all the music on the album is jazz. Posting in the Trot is almost classical. That was me on my flute. In the other pieces I was trying to capture the feeling of the Amazon, which is lazy and exotic. The story is the last piece and tells about some of the adventures we had. I also had a little rant in French. Thanks for listening.


  2. Oh wow …this was so light and pleasant. I can imagine getting a little bounce on in my kitchen with a glass of red! I kinda don’t think I would listen to it in my car, because it is that kind of chill out music…but on a late evening – VERY nice! Thanks for prompting me to listen 😀


  3. I really liked this! I enjoy both blues and jazz (probably having experienced more of the latter), and I found myself scat singing along! Haha!
    Great work 🙂


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