11 thoughts on “The Go Go Boys by L. Martel

  1. This is so wonderful Leslie! It is the twins personified. I love this painting! I also love that it brings up memories of your boys. I share the sweetness of that with you and am touched to the core.
    I like your photo, of your painting, more than my photo, of your painting. You captured the light better. If it is okay with you, I would like to use your photo of your painting rather than mine, in my post about your paintings. I will credit you for the photo of course. I don’t like the mats I have used for the paintings for the post, but the ones I have ordered will take weeks to arrive and I don’t want to wait that long. You have blessed my life my friend. The Go-Go boys captured by Leslie, passed down through the generations of my family.
    Thank you Leslie.

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    • No problem Cindy. I must admit it is extremely difficult to get the light of a painting from a photograph. I struggle with it myself all the time.
      Leslie xoxo


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