New Life on the front porch….

There has been a lot of flutter on our front porch. Some bird has decided to set up house on top on a denuded Indian corn hanging. A little mouse has long since eaten the edible corn and I meant to take it down. Now we’ll have to wait and see whether this nest is serious business or not. What is it that fascinates us about birds? I seem to have painted a lot of them and I plan to paint more. They are an inspiration, such little vulnerable creatures in a lot of cases and they are of extreme beauty.



19 thoughts on “New Life on the front porch….

  1. Last Spring my then-new hearing aids brought bird song back into my ears, this year the sounds are particularly rich and varied — no doubt a result of the absence of homo sapiens in the environment they have inhabited far longer than we have. There is something humbling in regarding the progeny of former dinosaurs in the air (and in the ear). 🙂

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    • Hi Joanne, I have noticed that the front porch nest has been completed and I have a robin taking possession. Also I noticed some smaller birds have moved into our bird house. Yes, this is a very busy time of year for the birds.

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  2. c’est touchant et un bon signe, aussi, chère Leslie: ça veut dire que les oiseaux se sentent en sécurité chez toi… ❤ Have an optimistic month of May, stay healthy and safe, mon amie! ❤

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    • The nest has improved and there’s a robin that flies in an out. So a home has been established. Can’t wait for the little ones to hatch and develop.

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  3. You are very lucky to be able to observe the day to day activities of the nest. I am a little jealous. Thanks for the post, and keep us up to date on the progress. Thank you.


      • The nest was perch on an old bunch of Indian corn. It was right above the mail box so that every time the mail man came or when we went in or out the front door the mother was disturbed. We have removed the corn since some little critter came and chewed all the kernels. It was not the best place for a nest. They might try to find another place on the front porch. We’ll see..

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