Irish Cream by swo8 Blues Jazz

These are dark times for many. The days are growing shorter and the weather is not the best. Political ranker abounds and there seems to be so much discord around the world. So I invite you to the sunny shores of Ireland. It was May when we were there. The weather was sweet, the breezes gentle and the people friendly. 5:36 min.

14 thoughts on “Irish Cream by swo8 Blues Jazz

  1. What a great presentation with your folksy piece as accompaniment. I remember that look and feel well from when I visited England and Scotland as a teenager. Although it was decades ago, it was emblazoned in my mind and the people, buildings, sights and smells are as vivid as if it was yesterday.

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  2. So true. And the advocates for justice will rise. Putting forth an effort to finally put dengue fever in the grave where it has out lived its reign. Dr. Sanath Hettige (search the name) ages ago informed the BMJ of a proven cure. The Times Of India more than once published the ‘Home Cure’ as advocated by Dr. Hettige…. Dark Times call for the righteous voices to be heard….

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  3. Bonjour Mon Amie LESLIE

    Plusieurs personnes entrent dans nos vies
    Certaines pour y rester et d’autres ne font que passer
    Quoi qu’il en soit, elles resteront gravées dans nos mémoires
    Laissant une marque ou une cicatrice dans notre cœur ou une trace de leur passage

    Des portes se ferment, des cœurs se referment au fil des jours
    On ne sait jamais si c’est le hasard, le destin, la chance ou le malheur
    qui mettent ces personnes sur nos chemins
    On sait toujours ce qu’on perd, mais jamais ce qu’on gagne

    Mais le destin suit saroute
    Je te souhaite une excellente et une très bonne journée ou soirée

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