Never More by swo8 Blues Jazz lyrics by Rajiv Chopra

November 11th is upon us once again. There are certain things worth fighting for but a lot of wars are the result of lesser intentions and this song addresses that. I salute our veterans because they are not the ones who started the wars and yet they go in, often at the expense of their lives. Listen carefully to the moving lyrics of Rajiv Chopra. 3:22min

8 thoughts on “Never More by swo8 Blues Jazz lyrics by Rajiv Chopra

  1. War should always be justified self defence from an unjustified aggressive attack. War destroys the humane spirit of many on both sides of the conflict. Victory or defeat leaves in their respective outcomes, broken minds, bodies, spirituality that nations often neglect to address,

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  2. When I was a child (male) I glorified war in so many childish ways. When I became an adult, wizened only by years of living, then I saw what I commented on earlier; –the blood, guts, minds, spirituality, and more; countries — losers or winners, neglect their veterans total needs. Need I mention, homeless vets, divorced vets. Where is there room for the glory of war? I fear it is the minority of vets that return to their home countries healed and in a humane frame of mind. War is met to Shock & Awe! May the Divine Creator forgive my foolish youth idols, and give me the strength to contend with this present climatic age…

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