Feel It : Part 3

Thank you for Part 3 Mountain Energy Yoga.

Mountain Energy

Making mantra meditation a daily practice helps us to practice it during the day as well. While you walk to the bus stop in the morning, the mantra is “walking”. You become more aware in each moment, another way to say, you become more mindful.

If you are in the habit of avoiding uncomfortable emotions and physical pain, this type of meditation will now help you to face it in your day to day life. You can use mantra. Identifying where the physical pain is. Feeling it. You can learn ways to move that might alleviate some of the pain or prevent it.

Hopefully you will notice that you are more comfortable feeling your emotions. At first you might struggle with this because you don’t know what you are really feeling. Perhaps because you have been avoiding these emotions for so long. Now you can allow yourself to really feel…

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