The Quarter Man by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Unfinished Business in iTunes

We are having a Federal election on October 21st so tonight I went to an all candidates meeting. The question I posed was about the Temporary Foreign Workers Program. This is a “globalist” approach to maximize benefits to the upper echelon of “big business” while thwarting the benefits to the average worker. A company goes to their MP and tells them they can’t find workers and they need to bring foreign works in. Truth be told, they can’t find workers who will work for the paltry wages they want to pay so they want to bring in workers who will. This is tantamount to slave labour in many cases and it’s the inspiration for the song The Quarter Man. 4:21 min.

18 thoughts on “The Quarter Man by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Unfinished Business in iTunes

  1. Okay. This is excellent!
    I think the recording needs to be attached to all grocery carts so I can start singing it before I refuse to up my quarter, and borrow (using term loosely) a cart from some hapless shopper before the cart police capture the cart and dare to charge me a quarter.
    I ain’t giving up my quarter, man.

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  2. I’m a little confused, because we don’t have chained-up supermarket trolleys here, but I totally agree with you Leslie. As long as “Big Business” owns not only supply chains but the mainstream media, the low-wage race to the bottom will continue.

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    • Su, we are having a terrible problem with gangs and guns. If these guys in the gangs could make some sort of living, this might not be such a big problem. However the Temporary Foreign Workers Program takes people from third world countries and puts them in places to work where they have no rights and have to be compliant. It amounts to slavery. They are often crowded into terrible, shared accommodations and are charged enormous rents. They are afraid to complain or they would be out of here. Meanwhile, businesses get away with paying scandalously low wages and abusing all our labour laws. It isn’t always for untrained positions either. The Royal Bank of Canada brought in some TFWs (temporary foreign workers) to train under some of the IT tech guys. Then the Canadian IT guys were laid off. They went to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) to “go public” about this situation. Wages are being suppressed, unions are weakened and so many people have to work several jobs to just get by. This has to stop.
      Leslie xoxo

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      • I totally agree. It. Is happening here too, and has become part of a viscous circle — low wages mean big profits, but also lower prices and as workers have less and less to spend, its harder to look critically at why prices are low and the real costs behind that (including their own jobs, rights, etc). It’s such a massive problem.

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      • If you don’t mind Su, I’m going to send some of you comments on to one of our political hopefuls. They have to hear this and it is going on in all the “globalists” countries.
        Leslie xoxo

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