The Peace Found in Silence

Peace found in silence – beautiful Mountain Energy. Thank you for your insight.

Mountain Energy

This summer I attended a silent retreat, led by Yoga Therapy Toronto. This was my third silent retreat.

A silent retreat can be very healing for the mind. When you stop talking, and everyone around you is also quiet you become more aware of the voice in your head. This voice can be helpful sometimes, but other times it can get in our way when we try to reconnect with our true essence.

How often does the voice in your head tell you who or what you are? “I am angry or sad.” “I have pain in my body.” “I am good at this.” “I am a teacher.” Instead what you are is awareness of these thoughts, perceptions, sensations, and feelings. This underlying awareness is quiet. The voice drowns out the silence, telling you everything. Listening to all of this can be too much; getting back to the awareness…

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