Jazzy Do and Dinner Too by swo8 Blues Jazz

The video is called Jazzy Do and Dinner too. My oven just blew up so I’ll be using the barbecue a lot for the next little while. Did you know that those self cleaning ovens self destroy in a rather short period of time? They go up to over 1000′ F and that burns out the controls. Won’t be doing that again. The oven is just old enough that they no longer have the parts. I was told a better way to clean the oven is to put some water in the bottom and turn the oven on to 200’F. Leave it for about 20 minutes then wipe it down. 3:22 min.


16 thoughts on “Jazzy Do and Dinner Too by swo8 Blues Jazz

  1. We rarely use the big oven anymore. Once in a blue moon and I never used the self-cleaning because it used a ton of electricity. So I cleaned it (not very well!) the old-fashioned way. Turns out to have been a better deal after all. Who knew?

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    • Smart move Marilyn, I didn’t use the self clean very often, maybe about three of four times at the most during the period we had this oven. I always use a drip pan and then just gave it a wipe with a damp cloth.


    • I usually use it every day so I’m having to improvise until next week. It’s difficult to find a oven that doesn’t have all this fancy stuff built in to self-destruct.

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      • Oh no. I’m not sure if my ovens have a self-cleaning function; I’ve certainly never used it. When we renovated our kitchen we installed side-by-side matching ovens. We had intended just to buy one of the larger size ones, but our solution gave us more capacity for less money. And I do use them both simultaneously, especially when we’re entertaining.

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      • If they are self cleaning don’t use that facility Su. You’ll burnout the main board controls. There are other ways to clean them such as the water in the bottom at 200’F for about 20 mins. then wipe it down.

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    • The modern oven is built to self-destruct with that self clean feature and that appears to be in almost every oven today. So here’s to keeping ovens for a very long time.
      Leslie 🙂

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  2. Lol Never before realized Canadians barbecue addicted too. The song ideally meets a BBQ session.
    Germans are more “Bratwurst” lovers, and these sausages – in my meaning – are not really best for BBQ. Think on the wonderful sauces you cant use with “Bratwurst”. Lol Michael

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