French Press by swo8 Blues Jazz

I’ve been reading a book called Dreamland by Sam Quinines – Bloomsbury Press. It’s a real page turner. “Addiction has devastated hundreds of cities, small towns, and suburbs  across America.”(Canada too, I might add) “How that happened is the riveting story of Dreamland.” Many years ago while I was nursing I remember when Purdue Pharma came out with MS Contin. It was touted as being a revolutionary approach to pain therapy for cancer patients. Also it was considered to be less addictive than morphine because of it’s controlled time release. As time went by they came up with Oxycontin and they were encouraging its use for not only chronic pain but for minor injuries such as tooth extractions etc. They were wrong. Interesting the group who stepped in to supply the burgeoning drug addiction crisis. You’ll have to read it. Meanwhile enjoy your French Press. 4:02 min.

6 thoughts on “French Press by swo8 Blues Jazz

  1. Very informative Leslie! Thank you very much! Hope you had a nice weekend, and wish you a great start into the new week. Last three days there was a little bit like spring here, but the next week we will fall back to negative temperatures. As written “Bavarian Siberia”. 😉 Michael

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    • Thank you Deb, one of the problems is the doctors are dependant upon the research and the research is unreliable. We trust the doctors and that’s where people get hooked.

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      • Yes, people think because the medicine has been prescribed that it is safe! I am sure no one thought they would end up severely addicted. I remember in the 80s when cocaine was THE fashionable recreational drug and a lot of people thought it was harmless and not addictive. That thinking didn’t last long, thankfully.

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