Ujjayi Breath and Prana

Thank you Mountain Energy Yoga. I will practice that.

Mountain Energy

Ujjayi breath is also called ocean breath and victorious breath; there is a sound to it. It sounds like waves of the ocean. It is a form of pranayama, conscious breathing. It is commonly practiced while doing asana, the physical postures of yoga. This type of breathing is useful because when it is done correctly it helps you to assess the quality of your breath. You can hear if your breathing becomes jagged and laboured, or if the sound of your breath is steady. It supports slowing down your breathing, which allows you to breathe more deeply.

Prana is life force. Healthy life force is energetic and lively. When we think of where we get our energy, we habitually think of food. Sometimes we might think of water. When I started to take my yoga practice earnestly, I chose to practice hot yoga. This is mostly physical postures which we…

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