Purusha and Prakriti

More from the great sage of the Mountain Energy Yoga,.(my lovely daughter)

Mountain Energy

In our practice of Yoga we start to have an awareness that we are not separate from anything. According to Yoga, the illusion of separateness is where all of our suffering comes from. In Samkhya and many other Eastern philosophies, there are two basic elements that make up the world. At the most basic level, there is Purusha, which may be known as the Spirit, the Self, the Witness, the Source, or whatever you know it to be. The other most basic element is Prakriti, which is nature, or the physical part of our world. When these two elements join it is called jiva, a living being.

“Panjab Hills, Bilaspur. Opaque watercolor and gold on paper, ca. 1740.”  Public Domain

With jiva, other things come about. There is buddhi, known to be the intellect, and there is ahamkara, which is the ego. Ahamkara is the cause of our feeling of…

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