I don’t normally post on Sundays but here’s the scoop….

Maybe you noticed lately, that when you visit certain web sites there’s a new element. Privacy & Cookies: This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.
To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy     close and accept.

I don’t like the use of cookies because they are a tracking device. At OIKOS™-Redaktion    I was talking to someone there and this is what they said: “We had to close the blog for some weeks, because the wp.com cookie policy does not conform to the GDPR (we think). Here we have some people who with a pleasure would sue us if possible. But we will come back with the blog and a rss-feed-portal, covering most of the independent artists.”

I sent a message to WP stating I was not happy with this new policy. I do understand that some cookies are almost always used however, this seems to be a step further. This was their reply:

kokkieh wrote:

Hi there,

WordPress.com has always used cookies – it is impossible to provide the services we provide without placing cookies in your browser. All that changed is that we’ve recently updated our cookie policy at http://www.automattic.com/cookies to have more detail than it had before, and we’ve started showing a banner to opt in to advertising tracking cookies on all free sites in order to comply with the new European Union privacy legislation. If you don’t accept that banner the advertising cookies won’t be placed in your browser, but there is no way to opt out of the cookies that are necessary for us to provide our service to you.

Post Link: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/i-object-to-cookies/#post-3119726

I’m interested in hear what you think about it.


50 thoughts on “I don’t normally post on Sundays but here’s the scoop….

  1. I really appreciate this post and it makes me wonder if that is why I get solicitations for “companions”. Women companions, because it only see’s me as male because of my name and… possibly because I’ve written about child/sexual abuse, though negative, it would come up as “sexual” and cookies doesn’t differentiate. I don’t visit porn sites, so it’s not that. Could it be the source? My hubby doesn’t get crap like that but he doesn’t blog either.

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  2. I don’t like it, but then I don’t like change as a rule because nine times out of ten, it only causes more problems like yesterday, I had 191 items in spam and 9 in trash. And so, chaos reigns until they can sort out the bugs. But I really don’t like seeing the banner because it is just so in our face that we are being tracked. I already know it, but to know that no matter where I go online, I’m being ‘stalked’, just doesn’t seem right. At least EU countries are letting their citizens know what’s up. I also hate being made to conform or else and that is what this feels like.

    Thanks for the post Leslie.

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  3. swo8, regarding ads. If you have the package that pays so no ads show on your blog, then no ads show on your blog. If you don’t pay for that package, ads show on your blog to people who are not signed into their word press account. I have noticed on one of my blogs where I don’t have the paid package, that a little screen comes up that is blank and says “You might see ads …” In other words, although I don’t pay for the package on that blog, the little message appears without the ad because I’m signed into my word press account. This is how Word Press is able to continue hosting our blogs for free.

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  4. Great Post: Leslie …. Certain browsers settings allow you to block both cookies and tracking and one such is Safari but you can also use private and do not track and both work with blocking cookies … Don’t recommend using an blocking app as they also track and suggest the real optimum browser that cant be tracked by normal use is TOR ….. it changes the domain all the time and you can change ID ….. Keep well Ian X ❤️

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  5. You are right to be worried and you ask the right questions. I don’t have any answers though. The GDPR rules here in Europe are confusing and right now they seems to cause more trouble than they do good. Confusion is the center word!


  6. Bonjour ou Bonsoir LESLIE
    Épice de vie

    Il y a dans ma vie, une épice rare
    Cette une poudre magique qui transforme mon quotidien
    en rayon de soleil dès qu’elle se répand sur un problème à résoudre
    J’ai cette chance inouïe de posséder cette substance
    Quand je traverse des temps difficiles
    Quand j’ai besoin de courage et d’énergie
    pour faire face au nouveau jour qui naît
    C’est alors que mon épice magique
    vient poivrer ma journée de compréhension, d’écoute active
    Son parfum me soutient, sa force me guide, son arôme de discrétion me protège
    Le plus beau souhait que je puisse vous faire
    C’est de trouver cette poudre magique
    de la répandre avec amour
    Cette épice de vie a pour nom
    ” Amitié ” Bisous Bernard

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