This is an 8″ x 10″ oil on canvas called Les Muguets or Lily of the Valley. It was inspired by a photo taken by dreamymichaela.wordpress.com earlier this year. It is finished now as I added the drop of due on the leaf. My garden is full of Lily of the Valley and it emits a heavenly scent. I’m thinking about the Spring filled with the beauty and the scent of Les Muguets.                                                                                                                                               As an up date on my brother, he was taken off the respirator today and seems to tolerate it well. He is conscious and although a little hoarse from the tubes down his throat, he was able to speak to me on the phone. So thank you one and all for your positive thoughts and prayers. I think it made a difference.                                                                    Leslie


37 thoughts on “LES MUGUETS BY L. MARTEL

  1. Leslie, first of all, that is wonderful news about your brother! I am SO relieved and secondly, that is an amazing painting. Again, you are truly, quite the talented artist. I hope your brother continues to improve and is released from the hospital soon! He will remain in my thoughts as will your entire family!

    Bless your beautiful heart!

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  2. Leslie I am so happy to hear your brother is off the ventilator. You must be so relieved. I wish him a gpfull and speedy recovery. Your painting is lovely and serene; something you probably need right now. Best wishes, Su

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  3. Such a beautiful painting, Leslie!😊 Lily´s was my mothers favorite flower. I remember when I was a child my mother took me on her bike and we headed to the forest where there was a “secret” meadows with many lily´s.

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  4. Just some quick, off-the-cuff thoughts… I like how the flowers seem to surge out at you from the foliage. The flowers are clearer than the leaves, and that lends depth to your painting. I like it a lot. I’m intrigued by the teardrop in the center-left of the painting. It makes it seem as though we’re observing through a window on which there’s a single drop of water making its way down the pane. That adds even more depth to it all. Bottom line: this layman likes it! And I appreciate the urge to make such art! I used to do portraits. Silly me! Hardest thing under the sun to paint! (in my humble opinion, of course!) I did hundreds of them, and am pleased with… about a dozen of so. That was my fault; I’d committed the egregious error of trying to run before learning to walk. My failure makes me appreciate the success of your Muguets even more! Really nice job… I hope you continue to do more, and that they are all every bit as nice and thought-provoking, and depth-filled as your Muguets!

    A quick note: Please don’t think that I’m suggesting that you chose an easier route! Not at all! I’m suggesting that you chose a subject, and that — at least to this amateur’s eyes — pulled it off wonderfully. I’m further suggesting that… I didn’t. 🙂


    — x


    • I too have painted a lot of portraits, xPraetorius. They are never easy because we all see different things in our subject. Nevertheless, whatever we chose as a subject we bring our own interpretation.

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  5. très joli… ❤ tu sais qu'en France, on offre du muguet aux femmes le 1er mai, donc dans un mois… 🙂
    * * *
    bon week-end pascal & Happy Easter Day – on April fools' day – "poisson d'avril"! 🙂

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  6. Another wonderful painting from you. Its so peaceful, and peace is what we need. Great news of you brother. Wonderful news! Thank you for sharing the news with us. We really can trust in God. Truly. Have all a blessed Easter. Michael

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