First Snow by M.E. Snelgrove

This is a 12″x 9″ oil on canvas board unsigned and undated but I know it is my mother’s work, M.E. Snelgrove. I titled it First Snow because sometimes late in the fall, when some of the leaves are still in full colour and have yet to fall, the first snow comes. The river has yet to freeze and the colours of the leaves are reflected in it. In northern Ontario, Canada, where I spent many years the snow would come in November and not leave until April. The winters were long and very cold. People were forced to shovel their roofs to keep them from collapsing.


45 thoughts on “First Snow by M.E. Snelgrove

  1. Very beautiful painting! 🙂 Did your mother never had any exhibitions? You are welcome here to my town and make a painting that will be called, “the last rain”. For here it has been raining daily for several weeks! 😂😂😂😂

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  2. LOVELY and true-to-life painting… ❤ I know from our "old" friends that Ontario winters are long and harsh, indeed…
    * * *
    bonne santé, amitiés sincères et des océans d'inspiration… bisous! 🙂

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  3. Bonjour ou Bonsoir LESLIE

    Joyeux Noël mon ami amie !

    J’espère que le Père Noël sera généreux avec toi

    Si ce n’est pas le cas ne t’inquiète pas

    Sache que mon amitié pour toi vaut tout l’or du monde

    Ce petit message marrant pour Noël

    Que tu te rappelles combien notre relation amicale est importante pour moi.

    Je te présente par avance tous mes vœux de bonne année 2018

    Ton ami qui pense à toi

    Bisous Bernard

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