This is a 9″ x 11″ acrylic on canvas board called School’s Out – Goldfish. I painted this in 2009 and it is a bit of whimsy. Very appropriate for this time of year, because I do believe school is out or it will be shortly.

Aside from that, I went to the public meeting last night regarding the extension of road that endangered a lot of wildlife and park lands. We had a significant number of people show up and what was most heartening was to see an 18 year old girl stand up and tell everyone what this bit of park land meant to her. The powers that be, were not expecting such a large number of people and they certainly weren’t expecting to see such vocal opposition.  This will not be so easy for them to push through. Another thing that came to light was that this extension was probably being encouraged by some multinational business (who will remain nameless) that has little concern for our best interests.



    • Christy, we all stayed quiet and listened to what she wanted to say. She said she was 18 years old and was graduating from High School the next day. The park land meant so much to her. I’m so proud of her that she had the courage to stand up and say what she had to say.

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  1. I love this Leslie! It’s such a happy, joyous painting. And I am so glad to hear that your community is aware of and acting against the road extension. Particularly great when young people get involved. The young get such bad press as apathetic, but so many kids I know are passionate about their beliefs. I hope your protest works!

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  2. You did another painting in a similar style, but it was flowers I think? I remember liking that one and I like this one even more.

    We have meeting like that around here, so if they can’t pass their little bill in public, they do it when no one is around. When the developers want land, they almost always get it. It’s one of the evils of this life we live.

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    • Marilyn, they had the meeting scheduled at 6:00pm until 8:00 pm on a Tuesday night. It was so poorly publicized that few people knew about it. My daughter and I went out on Sunday to pass out flyers, that she had paid for, giving the notice. I went out and printed out 50 more flyers and went around the neighbourhood on Monday then again on Monday night. They weren’t expecting such a show of force and they weren’t expecting us to be so vocal. There was standing room only. I met a lot of really nice people in the process. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

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  3. Very nicely done you little Acrylic Activist you! 😉 I especially like the one looking at me looking back at him (her?)

    A lot of protesters gathered locally here to try to prevent a major new road transport link (that had not been properly thought through first) being built through native bushland and wetlands. It took a change of state government to achieve it but they stopped the project and saved the area for posterity. Goes to show it can be done if you get enough people power. Don’t give up. 🙂


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    • I know it can be done and I know that most of the people are against this road. Thanks for your comment. Glad you liked my gold fish.


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