Politics done right…… by L. Martel

I submitted a portrait painting recently that was juried and accepted for exhibition for a lady that I admire greatly. Her name is Hazel McCallion and she has been the mayor of the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, for some 36 years. She has been the longest serving mayor of our city, was acclaimed twice and won 10 other elections. Her profession is stated as professional hockey player, businesswoman and politician. She doesn’t come from any dynasty or wealth, she never went to university and she’s the only person I ever voted for without a regret. She married and is the mother of three children and she brought to the office of mayor the clear thinking and devotion of a housewife. She served, and I truly mean served, until the age of 94. Today at the age of 96 she is more quick witted and energetic than many who are a fraction of her age. The following pictures are of this exhibition. To you, Hazel, well done!


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