Tribute to the Bardo by swo8 Blues Jazz

On 18 March 2015, three militants attacked the Bardo National Museum in the Tunisian capital city of Tunis, and took hostages. Twenty-one people, mostly European tourists, were killed at the scene, while an additional victim died ten days later. The national Bardo Museum is a jewel of Tunisian heritage. It is housed in an old Beylic palace dating back to the XIXth Century. It retraces, through its collections, a big part of Tunisia’s history (from Prehistory to the contemporary epoch) and contains the largest collection of mosaics in the world including the famous mosaic representing Virgil, the poet. The photos in this video were taken by me prior to this attack. 1:32 min. 2 MB


18 thoughts on “Tribute to the Bardo by swo8 Blues Jazz

  1. very emotional… ❤ I visited Tunisia several years ago and I loved this tiny, but interesting country whose people are nice, generous, friendly… just like Egypt, where I won't return either, hélas…

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