La Contemplation by L. Martel

This is a 20″ x 24″ oil on canvas which I call La Contemplation and it is a companion from the Femme au Bassin series. It is still incomplete but I have done some work on it and will try to complete it this year. Working in oil is painstakingly slow. I usually do wet on dry so it means that the painting has to dry completely before continuing any further work. In the first painting you can see that the basin is irregular in shape and this has to be corrected. The drapery is not well defined and there are a lot of little spots that I know need further work. The second painting has had one three hour session and you may be able to see the development.sdc17658sdc17658


32 thoughts on “La Contemplation by L. Martel

  1. My mother worked in oil. I remember how long it took to dry and even when you thought it was dry, it wasn’t. I think she tried moving to acrylics, but they didn’t work for her. You do lovely work. I very much like looking at it.

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