Manaus Where Two Rivers Meet from the album of the same name in iTunes

It was February and we were in Rio De Janeiro, one week prior to Mardi Gras. People were excited because they were having a trial run for the big event that was to happen the following week. Men and women were all dressed in their fancy costumes and they began to crowd around outside on the street for the mini parade. Since the price of hotels tends to sky rocket at this time of year, we felt that we had to move on. So we flew back to San Paulo to head on to Manaus by air. Manaus stands on the north bank of the Rio Negro just 10 km. from the confluence with the Rio Solimoes to become the mighty Rio Amazonas. Manaus is 3′ south of the equator and this was their rainy season (December to May). We arrived around midnight and took a taxis to our hotel which we had chosen from our trusty Lonely Planet Book. While in this part of the world it is almost obligatory to take a boat trip down the river to see where the two rivers meet, and this story I am about to tell you, happened to me. My parting words still stand today, “we must all learn to get along.” 3:50 min. 2 MB


12 thoughts on “Manaus Where Two Rivers Meet from the album of the same name in iTunes

  1. Bonjour Gentille LESLIE

    Viens je t’emmène dans un monde de rêves

    Viens avec moi au pays de l’amitié

    Ou seul ce petit monde est loi

    Un monde de paix

    Il se cache au fond de ton cœur

    Dans un monde de merveilles

    Qui brille la nuit à l’orée du ciel

    Tu y trouveras des perles rares

    Celle ou nous avons été ami ou amie pour la première fois

    Quelle belle histoire entre nous

    C’est ainsi que le verbe aimer existe

    Je t’écris ces quelques mots avec tendresse

    Je te les offre du fond du cœur

    Je te souhaite soit une belle soirée soit une belle journée

    Bisous Bernard

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