Winter Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz & Marilyn Armstrong

It is snowing here today and I thought spring was coming. I hear the Eastern Seaboard of the the USA has been walloped once again. Even my friends on the West Coast are having quite a time, weather wise this winter. So my wonderful collaborator, the great author and Photographer, Marilyn Armstrong and I thought we would amuse you with our song, the Winter Blues. Marilyn’s fantastic photos of some of the most outrageous winter conditions are not for the faint of heart. But we are a tough bunch, or so we think. If I had my way I’d be on the first plane to Rio. 3:20min 2 MB



23 thoughts on “Winter Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz & Marilyn Armstrong

    • Yes, I did hear you were having a heat wave. I’m glad you got some relief from the photos. Once more we have this winter wonderland. It all disappears tomorrow when the temperature rises to 9’C. Stay cool ladies.

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  1. Bonjour ou bonsoir LESLIE
    Je t’emmène du bonheur
    il est à côté de toi
    Surtout ne bouge pas
    Tiens ! il s’est glissĂ© dans ton sourire
    Oh ! Le voilĂ  dans ta belle demeure
    Pour embellir ta journée de joie et que ta soirée te soit de tout repos
    Pour toi je me dis que c’est la meilleure raison
    Alors partageons ensemble ce bonheur avec tous ceux que l’on aime et que l’on apprĂ©cie
    Regarde il brille soit comme le soleil au lever du jour ou une Ă©toile dans la nuit
    Que Ce Bonheur restent l’histoire d’un beau jour
    Je te souhaite
    Une très belle journée ou une belle soirée

    Bisous Bernard Ton Ami



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    • Charlotte, unless you are from the Northern climate you wouldn’t believe how awfully it can get. But we must always step back and have a good laugh at mother nature. Thank you for the comment.

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      • I’m from the NorthWest of England and we get snow sometimes deep but I’ve never seen a car in deeper than the tyres and I lived in Glasgow, Scotland for four years. The slightest fall of snow in London seems to really cause problems down here I guess they’re just not geared up for it.

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      • I remember one time when there was so much snow that when we opened the front door all you could see was a wall of snow. North West of England should be no stranger to snow either. It’s almost the middle of February so it won’t last much longer.

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