It was this time of year, February, when we took a month (not nearly long enough) to visit the amazing country India. This is a 12″x 16″ oil on canvas painting of a Pashtun man, probably a war lord, the way he sits in authority. I met my Pashtun in India. He was dressed in his traditional, colourful garb. This tall, powerful and handsome looking man with a twinkle in his eye, declared with pride “I am a Pashtun”.


26 thoughts on “THE PASHTUN BY L. MARTEL

  1. impressive as realistic… he’s reminded me of the famous commandant Massoud(RIP) who was a powerful military commander during the resistance against the Soviet occupation, he was assassinated in 2001…

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  2. So, I was checking out some of the people you follow yesterday because I love what you write about, and I stumbled upon a blogger with a post that disturbed me. I am all about equality and having a voice, but some voices need to be hushed because they are offensive to the well-being of man-kind as a whole, for example, Donald Trump, please check out this post I would love your feedback!

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    • Hi Pinkspen, first of all, I have the upmost respect for Shelby Courtland. She is an extremely talented woman. I don’t necessarily agree with all that she thinks or says. I do hear where you’re coming from. I do understand why you would be upset about it.

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      • I felt the same way when i was reading her posts, and when i stumbled upon that one, i was shocked it came from the same person. As black women, we know first hand what oppression feels like, we should know better than to discriminate against others. If she didn’t go so hard, i probably wouldnt have said anything but, she went HARD

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      • When Shelby speaks she doesn’t hold back. She does have a good heart and would do anything to help another person no matter who they are.


  3. I think many more places in the world have military presence everywhere than Americans are used to. Israel certainly does, at least in part because everyone is in the military for at least a month a year. But the presence of weapons was very startling to me. Eventually i got used to it, even welcomed it. But it took a few years.

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