Makria Lindos from the album Efharisto in iTunes

This video is called Makria Lindos by swo8 Blues Jazz. On the beautiful Island of Rhodes is a small village called Lindos. It is 47 Km south west form the Town of Rhodos. We took a city bus from Rhodos one sunny afternoon to explore this gem, loaded with history. There was quite a climb from the village below to the top of the fort to see the Acropolis. We were offered to ride a donkey to the top but settled to walk on our own. Later in the afternoon when we returned to the bus stop at Lindos, an older, Greek gentleman, complete with Greek Fisherman’s hat noticed us and came over to talk to us. He spoke no English but made it know he was curious about where we came from. When I said Canada, his comment was Makria. Makria in Greek means Far. 3:34 min. 2 MB



13 thoughts on “Makria Lindos from the album Efharisto in iTunes

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