Beijing Morning by L. Martel

This is a 12″x 16″ oil on canvas, painted in 1982, of an elderly Chinese gentleman reading a news paper. He has just done his food shopping and is taking some time out to check out the paper.                                                                                                                                                              My next album is focusing on China and its many wonders. We arrived in Beijing in October which is the month when they have their official National Golden Week Holiday. Wandering down the streets near the Forbidden City one could find discarded red flags. I retrieved one to keep as a souvenir. As we walked down the street people would come up to talk to us. They noticed a Maple Leaf pin that I wore and they would say ” Bethune, Bethune”…. “Henry Norman Bethune, surgeon, inventor, political activist (born 3 March 1890 in Gravenhurst, ON; died 12 November 1939 in Huang Shiko, China). Bethune’s fame in Canada has resulted from his status as a hero in the People’s Republic of China and the impact of this on Sino-Canadian relations.” Even today he is remembered with reverence.



21 thoughts on “Beijing Morning by L. Martel

  1. Bonjour ou Bonsoir ★* *★ LESLIE

    Ce jour
    J’écoute Le Vent

    Me souffler des mots puissants et attachants
    A mon oreille il est venu me murmurer

    Des élans d’amitié avec des envies de liberté

    Me dire combien notre amitié compte entre toi et moi
    Une Amitié avec un grand A
    je te souhaite une excellente journée ou soirée’
    Une douce belle journée si je suis de journée

    Ou une tendre nuit si mon passage est du soir

    Gros bisous



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