Efharisto by swo8 Blues Jazz in iTunes

On Friday December 2nd, 2016, swo8 Blues Jazz will be releasing our Greek Album Efharisto.  Efharisto is the Greek word for thank you. We owe the Greek Nation a big thank you – not for the beautiful islands, sandy beaches, the blue-green of the Aegean Sea and the never ending sunny days but for the incredible architecture, the Greek myths, the great philosophers and democracy. It is here where the idea of democracy germinated, far from being perfect because they still had slavery and the women were not allowed to vote. They found that a more civil society would evolve when people gathered together to discuss issues and form a consensus. It took a long time to rid ourselves of slavery and more recently women got the vote.



32 thoughts on “Efharisto by swo8 Blues Jazz in iTunes

  1. You look very well with flute 🙂 Those old amphitheaters have amazingly good acoustics. We had several Roman and Greek ones in Israel and you could just talk in a normal voice and hear it anywhere in the theater. Amazing architecture. We should figure out what they did and do it again!

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    • Thanks Marilyn, yes those amphitheatres were very acoustically designed. That photo is from Delphi. There’s the one in Epidaurus that is so well designed that one seated in the farthest place can hear a whisper from the centre plate.


  2. Bonsoir ou bonjour SWO

    Depuis que l on se connaît

    Notre Amitié est devenu un gros cadeau

    Comme pour Noël

    L’amitié des jours est un quotidien

    Une pluie de gouttelettes scintillantes

    Un immense et magnifique jardin

    Une envie de tout entreprendre

    L’amitié est là pour résumer, la base de la vie

    Une toute petite corde qui nous lie qui peut-être incassable

    Passe une douce journée avec ce petit porte bonheur à l’approche des fêtes

    Bisous , Bernard

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