Impulse Buyers by Consumer Perspective

This is Black Friday and Consumer Perspective thought that his song and video Impulse Buyers was an appropriate post for today. Don’t get caught up in the frenzy. 1:01 min. 2 MB


52 thoughts on “Impulse Buyers by Consumer Perspective

  1. I was so surprised to see Black Friday ads in Ontario this week for today. I saw a quote saying we just were thankful for what we have on Thursday then go out and impulse buy the next day to buy more and more, things we don’t need. I never shopped on Black Friday. I hate the crowds and mostly despise shopping in general. Nice music.

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  2. Who else would turn it into a song but you 🙂 ?

    I have not gone anywhere near a shop this time of year in memory. Never since Garry and I have been married. HE used to be a last minute shopper when he was working. Now, he just buys a present for me on my birthday and leaves the rest to me 🙂

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    • Smart man and very smart move. We don’t shop either. We draw names for Christmas presents and all the children get a present. Some of the grandchildren have grown up so they’ve fallen off the list of children.


  3. It is interesting to note that for some reason people can easily be fooled by ads that make you think deals are real. If time permits it is worth monitoring prices in shops before the so called ‘black Friday’ you will realise the so called deals are not deals at all.

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  4. We love good deals at Gastradamus. Black Friday is always interesting. A unique day indeed. I’m interested in hearing your comments on Queen Kong and I. Please don’t be afraid to share your thoughts at Gastradamus

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