Nature’s Fury by L. Martel

We’ve had a lot of fires this year and seems to be a regular occurrence. When we lived in the northern regions of Canada we soon learned that there were often benefits to those wild fires. The blueberries would be extra plentiful for the next few years. This is an 8″ x 10″ acrylic on canvas painted this year (2016) called Natures Fury.


30 thoughts on “Nature’s Fury by L. Martel

  1. I like it… I can feel the fury, and having been raised in Northern Alberta, I have experienced it also. Powerful rendition of an event we Peace River country folk always expected and built our homesteads accordingly. Even as kids we knew to jump on the tractor, hitch up the plow and ride out to plow the fire break. We had no access to water and yet I never saw a house, barn or farm lost to wild fires. We almost lost the school once when some adventurous older kids set a grass field on fire behind the school and the fire took off like a wild beast. But the nearest farmers saw the smoke and quickly arrived with the tractors, we were given shovels and pitch forks and the fire was contained… so our hope of extended holidays were dashed – 🙂 There’s common sense to preventing loss by wild fire even if wild fires cannot be prevented. And… yes to the berries. That ash and added sunlight did wonders for young plants. Wild fires are a natural and necessary occurrence. It’s man that’s in the way. Saying this while our volunteer group is planning some reconstruction in Fort McMurray… Oh well.

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  2. I love this painting Leslie, your interpretation of what goes on in nature is very powerful that even for a person like me who does not live in your country can comprehend.
    Like most of your paintings the choice and use of colours is amazing. Thank you for sharing your talent with us all.

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  3. Bonsoir SWO8
    Ton amitié c’est un rayon de lumière
    Une tendresse journalière
    Un doux morceau de bonheur
    Telle la douceur d”une fleur
    Je viens déposer une petite recette sur ton blog que j’apprécie
    Alors, je me dis
    As-tu déjà ouvert ton internet .Es tu là ! Oui ou non
    Ce n’est pas bien grave tu trouveras bien mon petit mot
    Je venais juste te faire un petit coucou
    Passe une bonne soirée en ce vendredi

    gros bisous


    C’EST MOI LOL après un petit passage à vide

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  4. Bonjour SWO magnifique peinture

    Nous voici bientôt au mois de décembre et à l’approche de Noël

    Mois d’amour et de gaité

    Entre nous , soyons dans la paix et l’amitié

    Ce mois de décembre doit-être plus beau que celui de 2015

    Pour moi

    Mes amies amis vous êtes des anges

    Des anges de l’amitié

    Un peu pardon et de partage afin tout le monde soit heureux

    Mes amies amis au cours de cette année qui vas s’écouler

    Vous m’avez donné du temps en venant faire un passage sur mon blog par vos écris

    Merci à tous bon Week-End

    Bisous , BERNARD

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