The Company She Keeps by swo8 Blues Jazz

Quid pro quo is a favour or advantage granted or expected in return for some thing. In our paper today there are two items that refer to this issue concerning our government in Canada. The Globe and Mail of Monday October 24th, 2016 Federal Politics – Port authority appointee’s at fundraiser an apparent contravention of ethics rules by Robert Fife & Steven Chase, Ottawa. Some dude went to one of these fund raiser dinners where the Finance Minister of Canada also attended and he was appointed to the board of directors of the Port Authority. Second one was the political cartoon on the editorial page by David Parkins, where one sees a slot machine with the face of our Prime Minister on the top of it says Pay to Play. It also says at the bottom As seen in Ontario and British Columbia Fun! Fun! Fun! It happens all over and it eats away at our democracy.

I owe a special thanks to Tubularsock for planting the seeds for this song. 4:04 min. 2 MB


16 thoughts on “The Company She Keeps by swo8 Blues Jazz

  1. We… have a democracy? Oh dear, I wasn’t aware of that. Where have they been hiding it, then, all these years, and where is it now? Stashed behind the Stanley Cup, no doubt? Under an inukshuk? Oh, let me guess, inside one of the management trailers in Fort McMurray! Am I close yet?

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