Caves of Ellora from the album Black Taj in iTunes

The music is called The Caves of Ellora and I put it with the video the Black Taj. India is full of extraordinary architecture and one of these places is Ajanta and Ellora. The video contains views from all over India and includes the Taj Mahal. The album from which this music comes from is called the Black Taj and refers to a legend about Emperor Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan had plans for a Black Taj but was thwarted from building it by his son who over threw him and put him in jail. The original Taj Mahal is a magnificent creation on its own part. Just imagine a copy of this building in black marble. It would have been incredible.                                                                          We flew to Aurangabad and then proceeded to Ellora and Ajanta to view the beautiful paintings and carvings on Buddhism and Hinduism dating back from 200 BC to 650 DC. There are photos from this area in the video as well.3:57 min. 2 MB.


12 thoughts on “Caves of Ellora from the album Black Taj in iTunes

    • Even if you had gone to those places, Marilyn, it would change so fast. We saw these countries at a moment in their history. There’s a lot of things I’m planning to do in the next life too.


  1. The choice of music and the video blends in together very well Leslie. A very informative post like you say in every nation things change so quickly that when you visit again after a short time things will not be the same again.
    I admire the fact that you are able to travel this much and am happy for you and grateful that you share it.

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