Opinionated by Consumer Perspective

There’s one thing on my mind today, that is the debate later this evening in the U.S.A. Why should a Canadian care about that? What ever happens in the U.S.A. affects us and the rest of the world in a big way. Maybe I’m just Opinionated. Consumer Perspective does bring up some interesting questions. This video is about incompetent leadership and who pays the price. Check out his Youtube channel, share, like and subscribe to support the artist. 0:40 sec. 2 MB


22 thoughts on “Opinionated by Consumer Perspective

  1. The debate was even on UK TV.. and yes you are right Leslie it affects the WHOLE World not just a Nation. It is the leaders of the world who start most of our troubles or who can help put them right.. Lets hope the USA chooses wisely.. ❤

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  2. How right you are Leslie, I feel the same I realise that I can not tell the Americans how to vote I trust that they should know better. Not wanting to say a lot but to jus sayt the office of the Presidency demands a certain behaviour which I hope Americans will consider. Even if the Americans are frustrated with the establishment surely they can not just get rid of the establishment for the sake of it. They should challenge their Congress men and women about things they are not happy about not to try and fix it by voting for the wrong person.

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      • As you may be aware Leslie western countries are better in that people can express how they feel about the government leaders without fear. In our own country that is unheard of because you will be arrested or just disappear. It is only now we able to express our views thanks to social media even that our government is now threatening those who take to the social media to express their dissatisfaction of the governance. Americans are living in a democracy surely they able to say why it is that they are not happy about as far as the establishment is concerned and not to depend of a protest vote as it is bound them and the rest of the world. I hope they will do the right thing when they get to the polls.

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      • In the west we like to think that we live in a democracy but in all truth it a stretch. Our political systems are broken and really, no longer represent the will of the people. You have heard of Edward Snowden and his intelligence leaks? He took a difficult stand as a whistle-blower, when he revealed how much we in the west are being monitored. It won’t be long before some of us disappear for what we say.

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