The Rose of Black is Sacred by swo8 Blues Jazz Lyrics by Shelby Courtland from the album Unfinished Business in iTunes

Wednesday is my day for the visual arts but, unfortunately, it has been brought to my attention the killing of innocents. At least 15 black people have died at the hands of police since San Francisco 49’ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, began his protest on his knees before the NFL games.  Terence Crutcher, 40 years old, father of four was tasered, shot and killed on Friday by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma.Tyre King, 13 years old, shot by Columbus, Ohio police last Wednesday. Keith Lamont Scott, 40 years old, was shot by police in Charlotte North Carolina, yesterday. This is just to mention a few because there are more. There is something drastically wrong with a society when the police become the judge, jury and executioner.                                                                                                                                          This video is called The Rose of Black is Sacred, music by swo8 Blues Jazz lyrics by Shelby Courtland.This music was inspired by a truly great poet and lyricist, Shelby Cortland. The art work is also her creation. “The Negro IS the Black rose” S.C. “It just seems to go on and on…….Now a man is dead because his SUV broke down in the middle of the road.” Please feel free to share. 4:18 min. 2MB


54 thoughts on “The Rose of Black is Sacred by swo8 Blues Jazz Lyrics by Shelby Courtland from the album Unfinished Business in iTunes

  1. I heard on the news this morning about Keith Lamont Scott…more murders on this, the International Day of Peace – it’s heartbreaking. Colin Kaepernick is getting death threats for his quiet protest – I don’t understand.

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  2. We only heard it on the morning news about riots taking place, it was not mentioned on the evening news here in the UK.. Its awful, thankfully most of our police do not carry fire arms, and our laws are so different..
    Loved your musical tribute.. Sue

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  3. The news has been so disheartening as of late. The whole key to the violence is simple, just stop and think of the alternative. I know in these volatile situations there is often no time to think, but if the criminal stops and the cop stops, the killing becomes unnecessary.- which ever one is killing the other. Both are involved in completing a task, but just stopping what they are doing rather than confronting the other might save a few lives.

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  4. Grateful for people who put their own lives on line to stand up for what is right. The thing which concerns me is assuming that a black person is up to doing harm hence the shooting without investigating whether or not they are carrying a gun. I pray one day that black people can be accepted as decent people. Thank you Leslie for sharing that clip.

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    • Mabel, what is going on, is criminal. The police have been militarized and taught to shoot first and shoot to kill. This eliminates the whole justice system. Any country that does this has some nerve thinking, or saying, they have “rule of law” because they don’t. Thank you for watching and I do encourage you to share this with as many people as you can.

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