The Doors of Uruguay Door # 3 by L. Martel

This is a 8″x 10″ oil on canvas painted in 2007. Looking at these paintings now I reflect on our short visit to this lovely country. Uruguay was caught in a time warp. The streets were clean and well maintained. Unwanted items were put at the curb and within a short period of time they were retrieved by man with cart and horse. By chance we wandered into the stock exchange at Montevideo. It was situated in a small bungalow. Dimly lit, there was a centre portion of the room that was gated off. A few chairs were in this area. Around the sides was a small gallery where we sat. It was mid afternoon and nothing in particular was happening. Shortly after we had taken our seats several middle-aged men entered the inner sanctum laughing and talking quietly. They looked over at us in curiosity. We looked back and smiled. They took their seats and continued their discussion ignoring us.




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