The Rose of Black is Sacred by swo8 Blues Jazz Lyrics by Shelby Courtland

It is with heavy heart that I post this song once again. On Sunday July 25th a 37 year old man, Abdirahman Abdi, a Samoli-Canadian with metal health issues died at the hands of Ottawa police. We like to think that it doesn’t happen here but it does. So let us contemplate the beautiful lyrics of the great American poet Ms. Shelby Courtland as we call to mind this terrible travesty. 4:18 min. 2 MB


28 thoughts on “The Rose of Black is Sacred by swo8 Blues Jazz Lyrics by Shelby Courtland

  1. Thank you Leslie! Although, I am so sorry to know that the police in Canada are just as callous as the ones here in America. For the love of …..!!! I thank you again! And I truly wish that this collaboration of ours could really make a difference, but alas, I fear, I must dream on!

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  2. It’s so sad that those accorded the mandate to protect us, eventually turn to be the enemy. Like what happened a while ago here in Kenya, a lawyer and his client is found dead after trying to sue a police officer for allegedly shooting him in the arm.

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  3. It does, indeed, occur in Canada…but you wouldn’t know it from comments I get from bloggers who reside there. At least the officers involved are being investigated – we’ll see if they pay a price, or are treated in the same way as police here in the States are…which is getting away with murder.

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  4. We are living in a torn world, what puzzles me is why people with mental health issues are not monitored. I understand that the idea to leave them live and be independent is to help them live a normal life but how are they to be kept safe in a world where every one who looks strange is suspected to be a terrorist.
    Thank you for honouring those departed in such circumstances.

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    • Mabel, a lot of the responsibility falls on the family for the mentally ill. I think where the major problem lies is with the police. They have become like a trained army that considers the people the enemy so they shoot first. They certainly need more training in dealing with people with mental health issues and also they are too quick to assume that you are a threat based upon you colour.


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