Wedding Cake by L. Martel

I’m kind of busy today getting ready for the celebration of our younger daughter’s Wedding. I’m posting a picture of the cake as promised to Lynn and several other people. Weddings can be a real pain in the neck. There’s always someone upset about something. No problem here. They eloped and now we are just going to feast and rejoice.



57 thoughts on “Wedding Cake by L. Martel

  1. Congratulations to the lovely couple and to you on this wonderful milestone. I cannot imagine how happy, excited, proud and nervous you must be for her to start her new life. They are a smart couple, eloping and then having the party. Best wishes. xo

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  2. Best wishes for bride, groom, parents, and any children, especially for the days ahead. For a time, I worked part time at wedding photography, and I shot at many. One of the commands was, “Don’t burn the cake!” That meant that one should not overexpose the white frosting yet get proper exposure for the black tuxedos. All manual, nothing automatic, excellent roll film. You have (had, I presume it has been eaten) a beautiful wedding cake with photography to match.

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