O Rio Negro by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Manaus Where Two Rivers Meet in iTunes

With all the tragedies happening in our world I still return to the beauty and the healing powers of nature. The Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes combine to make the mighty Rio Amazonas. Perhaps it is through the combination of the two that makes the Rio Amazonas  so great. It is always a delight to return to Brazil. 3:36 min. 2 MB


11 thoughts on “O Rio Negro by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Manaus Where Two Rivers Meet in iTunes

  1. You are right Leslie the world tragedies leave us feeling helpless not knowing how to stop all the unnecessary killings. I have listened to Where Rivers Meet I like it I also noticed you have a video by my one of my fellow country man Oliver Mtukudzi. He wrote that song when our nation was devastated by the AIDS pandemic. All he is saying is that as nation we were helpless as to deal with the pandemic we still continue people as a result of AIDS. Let us hope God in his own time he will restore our very broken world.


    • I not sure what you mean Mabel what video is this? I did Google Oliver Mtukudzi. I love his music. You must put some of his work out on your site. He’s fantastic and great artist from your country.


      • Hi Leslie sorry to respond so late recently I have had a few health issues but doctors are dealing with them and I am alright now.
        The video I meant which was on your blog was the one Oliver Mtukudzi wrote about the AIDS pandemic ravaging our nation. He is one of our best for saying he never went to study music it all comes from his natural talent.

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      • Thanks to you, Mabel I was introduced to his great talent. Can you do a post about him so that more people around the world will hear him and know more about one of your great musicians ?

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  2. Bonjour SWO
    Mon passage sur ton joli blog
    Ce sont mes 2 mains sur mon clavier
    Sur un profil une belle image
    Qui derrière cet écran se trouve une personne de gentille
    La ou je retrouve une de mes meilleurs amies ou amis
    Je te fais un énorme sourire même si tu ne vois pas
    Dans le fond de mon cœur je te l’offre
    Passe une agréable journée
    Surtout ensoleillé ,chez moi le temps pas extra
    Bise amicale Bernard


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