Cloud Watch by Consumer Perspective

It’s a beautiful day here and there are a few cumulonimbus clouds in the sky. Time to do some Cloud Watching by Consumer Perspective.


10 thoughts on “Cloud Watch by Consumer Perspective

  1. I recently read an article about itunes and apple you might be interested in. Most people don’t read all the fine print when the click agree to terms. There is a paragraph that states itunes “Owns” your property on their cloud even if it is your person property and wrote it. They physically go into your hard drive and take it. It belongs to them. You don’t know it because whenever you play it they serve it back to you. If you ever stop your subscription consider it gone. You also agree to this when you signed up. You may have a hard time getting to a real person, but I suggest you check it out. I immediately went to soundcloud because that is where my compositions are and it expressly states that they do not at any time own my music. From what I read a lot of people have tried to sue apple, but you signed away your rights to do that when you agreed to their service. I have not yet looked at their agreement because I just found this out a few days ago.

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    • Thanks for the insight, but are you able to sell your music on sound cloud? I try not to use the iCloud. We are able to sell our music at iTunes.


  2. Bonjour et bon week-end de Pentecôte

    En cette nouvelle soirée

    Comme un oiseau de tendresse

    Je viens te chanter mon bonjour

    Comme on chante les belles histoires

    Je te peints mes pensées à l’encre de mes mots

    Comme on peint les jolis tableaux

    Je te dessine le contour de mes plus beaux sentiments

    Comme on dessine l’innocence à travers les yeux d’un enfant

    Je t’ai écris ces quelques lignes nappées de bonheur

    Comme on écrit les plus beaux souvenirs

    Je te souhaite une bonne soirée . avec des petits bisous



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