169 Faubourg St. Antoine by L. Martel

This is an 8″ x 11 ” water colour on a sketch pad done September 7 1988. 169 Faubourg St. Antoine was our address in the 11th Arrondissement near the Bastille. It is the living room in  our apartment in Paris.

Our older daughter had taken  a year to go to the Sorbonne and she worked as an au pair  for a French family. My husband manage to get a sabbatical to do research at the Nuclear Research Centre in Saclay. He ‘s very protective of his daughters.

I don’t have much experience with water colours. I dashed this off rather fast and tucked it away only to discover it years later. If only it were a Caravaggio, Gert?


41 thoughts on “169 Faubourg St. Antoine by L. Martel

    • It was a two bedroom apartment with a kitchen, dinning room, and living room. It was on the second floor which is the third floor for us. The lift didn’t work so we had quite a climb several times everyday. The location was perfect because we were close to the Marche Aligre and of course the metro was Ledru Rollin one stop before the Bastille.

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  1. Bonsoir SWO8

    Quelle est belle notre amitié
    Elle est pure
    Elle est un lien
    Mon amitié ignore les indifférences
    Elle n’est qu’un charme d’un verbe aimer
    Elle éveille le sens de la bonté
    Elle supporte la charité
    Mon amitié est un charme que du verbe aimer
    Mon amitié est faite de sincérité
    Belle soirée et belle fin de semaine
    Bises , Bernard

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  2. I LOVE your sketch!!! you must continue to show us these finds! Our daughter is a missile defense engineer- I know your husband’s protectiveness. Blogging for me, is a creative outlet- and a labor of love as I see yours is!!

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