The Senator’s Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz

Couldn’t resist this because of what is happening here in Canada. The question is “ethics – what are they?”


22 thoughts on “The Senator’s Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz

  1. Oh, Leslie, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Here in Aus the Speaker of the House, Bronwyn Bishop, a member of the ruling Liberal National Party and hand picked by the PM because of her blatant partisanship ( has kicked out close to 400 Opposition members as opposed to about 10 from her own party) has just been dragged kicking and screaming from her post over her outrageous expense claims for things like trips to weddings, helicopter flights to party fundraisers, use of limousines rather than government cars so she could travel in bus lanes and avoid the traffic, and $90,000 on a trip to Europe when she was touting for a position for herself there. Supposedly there is to be a ‘root and branch’ enquiry into politicians’ entitlements – at least the third in 10 years and we’re still waiting for something that sticks. Oh, well, you might as well get a laugh out of it. Have some fun and google “Bronwyn Bishop” – she really is an unbelievable character with enough chutzpah to fuel a moon rocket. But she has at last been felled. And is she furious!

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